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Our People

Mike Davis

Managing Director

About Purposeful

After many years working for government, not for profits, ethical businesses and small-medium enterprises, Mike found himself wondering—

How can businesses learn from high performing startups, ethical businesses, social enterprises, and not for profits about social impact, community connection and delivering financial, social and environmental outcomes?

A purpose-driven approach emerges, which calls for internal evolution and delivering stronger financial performance and community outcomes.

This requires a shift in the DNA of organisations to re-orient toward stakeholders. Doing so means a shift in culture, strategy and organisational development to optimise mission, altruism growth and wellbeing. The results of this are healthier, more purposeful organisations, greater social impact, stronger performance and reduced costs of doing business.

Advisory Group

A bright, creative and passionate group dedicated to helping Purposeful be the best it can be at serving the community. They guide strategic decision making and through their deep wisdom and experience help us to ensure that we are making the best decisions for all our stakeholders.

Gemma O’Brien

Manager at CQ Enterprises

Chris Edwards

General Manager at Oscar Hunt

Kartik Iyer

Group Accountant at Small Giants

Felicity Furey

Co-Founder at Machinam and Power of Engineering

Brad Janovic

Senior Strategy Manager, Telstra

Romy Grace

Investor Services Manager, Impact Investment Group

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