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3 Things To Rethink When Working With Millennials

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3 Things To Rethink When Working With Millennials

Posted on the 2/10/17 by Drew Corby
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Ok, I get it, millennials and their black magic have had a lot of press time of late, and while everyone is scrambling to try and make them happy, it’s not really seeing the results you’d expect as we still find ourselves asking questions of how we improve our working cultures.

Being one, and managing many, here are three things common work phrases and how you could re think them to keep this new workforce focused.

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The ole ‘Work-Life Balance’ focus:

  • Why? What young people crave more than ever is community, they want to work with people, learn, and strive with a team, not sit at home in isolation.
  • Rethink? As a young person, especially a self-aware, educated young person, with more business and social idols than sports idols, being able to work from home, or work when you like isn’t as good as it is presented.

Being patient, pay your dues, and you’ll get ahead in the end:

  • Why? With many business and social idols represented by self made people, hyper successful off the back of their own talent and hard work, putting a limitation like time on a millennial is not going to be motivating.
  • Rethink? Of course time to learn is important and not everything can be ‘hacked’, however, if you are talented and hardworking, there is no reason why anyone couldn’t get ahead in their careers, so why not support this ambition?

Saying one thing, and doing another:

  • Why? Authenticity is everything on the internet, and these days the online world and ‘real world’ is the same. If you promise something and don’t deliver without talking about what just happened, it’ll create apprehension to believe any statements in the future..
  • Rethink? In the old days, it was pretty common for your boss to say one thing and do another, often driving everyone crazy, and it was just accepted. If you want to be authentic, acknowledge that everything won’t be perfect, and be prepared to talk about the fact that things didn’t line up. It’s not the fact that it happened, it’s the fact that it wasn’t talked about


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