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Posted on the 3/10/17 by Mike Davis
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Ever since I discovered that there was an ethical Australian company, designing sleek and stylish leather accessories, with smart carrying capability, I’ve been hooked!

I love Bellroy’s soft leathers, innovative design enabling maximum card-carrying ability and special areas for notes, cards, sim-cards etc.

I have also admired Bellroy for a long time as an ethical and social outcomes focused organisation (and fellow B Corp). They are also strong supports of Effective Altruism, just like us!

Mike's current setup

Mike’s current setup

Did you know they have a Director of Flourishing? Well, they do and she’s coming on the podcast soon! Find out more about Bellroy here.

Bellroy have kindly agreed to support the podcast by giving me two of their wonderful passport sleeve’s to give away to the delightful Humans of Purpose audience. To enter* the competition with 1 token all you need to do is email me with subject line: ‘Bellroy Comp’ and:

  1. Include your first and last name, organisation and role
  2. Your favourite Humans of Purpose episode this year
  3. Your favourite quote from that episode**
  4. What you want to see in Season 2 (2018)

This is a great competition because its a true win-win. Even if you don’t win a wallet, you will have improved the podcast for next season! Your prize below and here:

bellroy-wpsa-mocca-texture-print-11 Bellroy_WPSA_Lifestyle_2016_Melbourne_1

Competition commences on 11 October upon airing of that weeks Humans of Purpose podcast and will expire on 25 October when a winner will be announced on that weeks Humans of Purpose podcast and via blog, social media and website posting.

* – Example of a valid entry:

Joe Blogs, Managing Director at Blogs HQ. Jan Owen, “I want our young people to have human intelligence” at 28.46. Next year I want to see more tech entrepreneurs on the show and how about doing some extended specials or panels too.

** – Not including quotes already published on website and newsletter. Entries must include time stamp – ie. “at 22.34”.

Competition follows Victorian rules and regulations for online competitions as published here.

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