Welcome to the Humans of Purpose podcast page. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with TANK, a purpose-driven creative agency to produce the Humans of Purpose podcast!

The idea behind the podcast is simple- I invite inspiring and purpose-driven people to join me for a relaxed conversation at my house to discuss:

  • Personal and organisational purpose
  • What inspires them/who inspires them
  • The change they want to create
  • How they create and foster social change
  • Their exciting new community focused projects

Tea, coffee or single malt whiskey and ergonomic beanbags are provided as we traverse meaningful subjects and gain insights into business and community.

The fortnightly podcast will give listeners access to a range of inspired and purpose-driven leaders who are making waves in our community. Some of our guests so far include:

  • Elliot Costello, YGAP – CEO and co-founder, social entrepreneur
  • Joel Feren, Hearty Nutrition – men’s health expert nutritionist and dietician
  • Emily Toner, EmTones – mindfulness consultant, facilitator and musician
  • Adam Kostick, Gozer – strategy director and creative consultant
  • Aviva Beecher-Kelk, Clickability – cofounder and social entrepreneur

Our podcast launched on 14 February 2017 and you can check out our podcasts here via the Humans of Purpose website. You can also find our podcast on the iTunes Store here and click subscribe to stay up to date!

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