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"Purposeful were extremely thorough and very good at meeting deadlines. We are currently using them again to write our privacy and policy statements for our website."

— David Gould, Noah Tyler (Managing Directors)

"Purposeful were truly professional and assisted Stand Up in creating some key policies and statements. I would recommend Purposeful to any not-for-profit, who is looking to professionalise their governance and communications strategies."

— Gary Samowitz (Chief Executive Officer)

"Purposeful are very professional to work with. They are very knowledgeable in the privacy area and can apply this knowledge to practical working situations. They were proactive in researching current trends in litigation and what this may mean for the business."

— Janine Reid (Chief Operating Officer)

"We engaged Purposeful to work with us to meet some upcoming deadlines. They provided outstanding service and were always available and responsive in meeting our project's needs."

— Liliane Seifen (Chief Operating Officer)

"As a growing not-for-profit organisation, Purposeful has been helpful in providing sound advice around the organisation's strategy as well as facilitating the Board to be proactive in our advocacy work. We look forward to continue working with Purposeful in achieving our objectives and goals."

— Bee Ismail (Chief Executive Officer)

"Mike's material and work has been great - very helpful and concise, and has helped to achieve project outcomes"

— Project Manager, DHHS

"Mike did a sterling job as facilitator. He presented well, built a strong rapport with the group and managed to draw out quality information and generate flowing discussion across the group and throughout the session."

— Project Manager (DHHS)

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