After many years working for government, not for profits and small-medium enterprises Mike found himself wondering-

why can’t businesses form stronger more collaborative relationships with community organisations to solve some of societies most wicked social problems?

After all, community organisations need resources and support, and businesses can see strong returns from deeper engagement with community organisations.

This called for a new approach to what was previously coined “corporate social responsibility”. A new approach emergence in the form of the purpose-driven organisation.

This requires a shift in the DNA of organisations to re-orient toward stakeholders. Doing so means a shift in culture, strategy and organisational development to optimise mission, altruism and wellbeing.

Doing so means greater resourcing and support for community organisations and the growth of healthier and more purposeful organisations.


We help organisations to embrace a purpose-driven approach to strategy and social impact, enabling thriving culture, greater social outcomes and  improved performance.


Our commitment to a better society is centred on the following core values:

Collaborative Engagement
Working in partnerships and strategic alliances leads to achieving the best outcomes

Learning Organisation
Building a culture of ongoing learning and innovation is essential to growth and positive outcomes

Slow Innervation
Innervating from a position of inner strength and awareness of ‘our why’ and our purpose

Empowered Impact
Collectively contributing to solving our communities social, health and environmental issues