Social Impact Advisory

Corporations are social organisations, the theatre in which men and women realise or fail to realise purposeful and productive lives.

— Lester Bangs


The new economy we live and work in today, is vastly different from previous eras. Today’s economy is digital, shared, flexible, open, transparent, collaborative and accessible to the community. A new and expansive role for business is envisaged by its stakeholders.

Stakeholders expect today’s businesses to understand their mission, vision and purpose. Community, social and environmental impact are key considerations driving purchase decisions and employment choices, particularly amongst high performing millennials.

Purposeful offers businesses the opportunity to form closer connections with community, environment, people and planet. Through our social impact program and advisory services we empower businesses to embed purpose and social impact into their organisation. We also work with businesses to enhance their social impact and sustainability reporting.

We work with businesses to ensure they create positive workplaces where talented young people can flourish and achieve their full potential. To do so, we utilise our diverse, young, multi-disciplinary group of emerging leaders, who are focussed on enabling sustainable, human-centred growth and progress.

Grow your business through social impact today

Grow your business through social impact today

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Purposeful can help you to create a Social Impact Program and embed purpose, social impact and community connection into your business. We can also help you to tell your social impact and sustainability story in a meaningful way, carefully balancing narrative and impactful data.

Our expertise in social impact reporting ranges from Global Reporting Index (GRI) Standards, mapping to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Social Return on Investment (SROI), B Corp reporting and sustainability reporting. Building purpose into your business through robust social impact reporting will enable you to:

  • enhance your connection to your clients, customers and community
  • improve your value proposition by building your social impact
  • elevate your organisations financial performance over time
  • grow and develop powerful collaborative relationships with partners
  • build a high performing culture that attracts committed, driven talent

To support our work in purpose and social impact integration, we are regular presenters, publishers and workshop facilitators to business units and executive teams, not for profits, universities, startups and social enterprises.

  • 90% of leading executives believe that purpose is important and can drive employee engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty

    EY, The Business Case for Purpose (2016)
  • 58% of companies that prioritised purpose achieved 10% or more revenue growth over 3 years

    EY, The Business Case for Purpose (2016)
  • Purpose driven companies outperform a weighted market index fund by a factor of 4:1

    Sisodia, Wolfe & Sheth (2013)
  • Millennials elevate purpose as a key factor beyond profit in terms of who they work for and buy from

    Deloitte, Millennial Survey (2016)
  • Top global CEOs agree that in a few years more customers will seek out products and services from organisations that address health, societal or environmental concerns

    PwC, US CEO Survey (2016)
  • 93% of Millennials and 92% of their parents indicated they would switch brands if the company was involved in a good social or environmental cause and the price was the same

    Hurst (2016)
  • 74% of the best companies to work at in Australia offer their people paid time off for the purpose of volunteering in a community project or charitable organisation with a maximum of 3 days per year